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So, you've bagged yourself a beautiful synthetic wig, but you're not fully sure how to style it properly so it looks natural. It’s honestly not as tricky as you might think – like all good things, it just takes a bit of practice and the help of an expert!

Our wigs do come pre-styled, which is why so many people are head (or hair) over heels for them. But if you’ve worn yours a good few times, or you have a different wig entirely, you might want to refresh their style or make some changes to make your wig uniquely yours.

We've sat down with our resident hair stylist to ask her all your most pressing questions about how to style a synthetic wig to look natural or without causing damage to it.

Read on to discover our stylist's tips and tricks to keep your wig looking its best.

Styling a Synthetic Wig: The Basics

If you want to style your synthetic wig, there are some basic steps you should follow to make sure you get the results you want and avoid causing damage to the hair fibres (which is one of the most important parts). 

Remember, synthetic wigs are different from human hair wigs and need to be treated as such when you're styling them!

#1 Gather your hair styling essentials & tools before, like a brush, hair care, & any accessories

#2 Prep & wash the synthetic wig using good quality shampoo & conditioner

#3 Styling straight wigs & wavy/curly wigs

#4 Use hair accessories, like bows & clips

#1 Gather Your Hair Styling Must-Haves

The first thing our stylist recommends is gathering everything you need before you start.

Here are our essentials for styling a synthetic wig:

Getting all the bits you need before you get stuck into styling your synthetic hair will just make the process easier. Rather than trying things spur of the moment or faffing around midway through styling, you'll have everything ready and on hand.

#2 Prep the Synthetic Hair Wig

Another thing you should do before styling your synthetic wig is to prep it properly. If your wig is tangled or dirty, you're not going to get the best results no matter how much you style the hair.

If you've worn the wig a few times or styled it with product previously, your first step should be to wash the hair. 

To do this, our stylist recommends using our Hair Extensions Care Full Set to help keep your wig looking and feeling as natural as possible, especially if you’re wearing one of our synthetic wigs.

Use the shampoo and conditioner in the bundle to wash the synthetic hair, which will remove any dirt or product, and then hang it up using a hanger with clips to air-dry. Make sure you gently brush it out to remove any knots and tangles.

If there are tangles, remember to tease them out slowly, working from the ends of the hair upwards. Don't pull on the hair too hard, or you might pull it out of the wig cap. 

Applying a few drops of argan oil hair treatment afterwards will help to keep the hair shiny and smooth, making styling much easier.

#3 Styling the Synthetic Wig

Once you've prepped the hair, it's time to get down to styling.

All our wigs come gorgeously pre-styled, so even when you wash them, they’ll hold their style. 

With that being said, the more you wear any wig, the more quickly the style can potentially drop out – in which case, they’ll need a little bit of help to get back to their original look. And sometimes, you want to try out something different rather than leaving it styled as is!

Styling Straight Synthetic Wigs

For synthetic straight wigs, all you need to do is lay them flat or hang them when they're drying, then brush out any tangles to get them looking sleek and sexy again!

An argan oil will be a lifesaver for smoothing down any flyaways or static hair. Pump a few drops into your hand and warm it up between your palms. Then, gently smooth the oil over your hair, focusing on the ends and applying lightly to the top of the wig. Don’t apply too much to the top as it could weigh your wig down and make it look greasy.

There are so many different hairstyles you can do with straight wigs, too – they’re very easy to work with! Some of our current favourite styles include:

  • Half-up half-down – A half-up half-down hairstyle always works really well with straight synthetic wigs, and they’re super trendy. You could do a slicked-back style or keep it messy with a loose ponytail and face-framing pieces.

  • Braided crown – A braided crown is the ultimate hairstyle for keeping the hair out of your face while still looking chic. Simply braid a small section of hair on either side of your head, cross them over at the back and secure with bobby pins.

  • Sleek high ponytail – A straight synthetic wig is perfect for achieving a sleek, high ponytail. Smooth out any bumps or tangles with your fingers, and use a hair tie to secure it in place.

  • Whimsical fairy braids – Scattering mini braids throughout your hair is a fun and whimsical way to style a straight wig, and you can play around with hair bows and clips to make it even cuter.

Styling Wavy or Curly Synthetic Wigs

For our curly-styled wigs, you’ll want to take a bit of extra care to help keep the curl pattern defined.

After washing and drying, you can use a wide-tooth comb to run through the curls and remove any snags in the wig. Our stylist’s favourite wig hack is to use our Signature Deluxe Hair Extension Brush to re-curl the hair, just like so…

Again, argan oil is a fab way to smooth down any frizz. If the wig needs a little more taming, a hair gel will work great, too.

Wavy and curly synthetic wigs are also really fun to style, and there are endless ways to wear them! Here’s some of our stylist’s go-to ways to style a wavy wig:

  • A low pony – Even though a low pony is simple, it looks beautiful with waves. You could pull out some face-framing pieces and add in braids for a more boho edge, or keep it slicked and chic.

  • A simple headband – A cute headband is a great way to add some personality and keep your hair out of your face. Yoga-style headbands are super on-trend right now, too.

  • Half-up bun – Instead of a classic half-up half-down ponytail, switch it up with a bun! This will help to keep your hair looking voluminous and stylish. You could even add in some bobby pins or cute hair clips for a touch of glam.

#4 Our Favourite Accessories for Styling a Synthetic Wig

Once you've restyled your wig, you're ready to go if you want, but there are some other things you can do to put your own stamp on the look.

Hair Bows

Hair bows are having a big moment over on TikTok and Pinterest, and we think they’re the perfect way to sweeten up any hairstyle! 

You could clip a big bow onto your half-up pony for an elegant yet playful touch. Or, you could pop one on over a low ponytail or bun for a more subtle preppy look.


We’ve already touched on these, but headbands are a brilliant accessory for wigs, too. Whether you choose a simple black band or opt for something more bold and colourful, they’re the perfect addition to any wig.

Thicker yoga headbands will not only add to the style, but they’ll also help to cover up any lace or wig edges for a more natural look. Plus, they’re great for keeping your wig in place and soaking up any sweat on hot summer days.


We love a good scrunchie hairstyle! 

When you’re throwing your hair up into any sort of tied-back style, go for a scrunchie rather than a classic hair tie. Not only will they be gentler on your wig and won’t cause any pulling or tugging, but they also come in so many cute patterns and styles.

Our Stylist's Favourite Wig Styling Tips

  • Style your wig when it's dry – Don't try to style your wig until it's completely dry after you've washed it. Going in and trying to detangle the hair when it’s wet is guaranteed to cause damage – and that can affect the look of your wig.

  • Never use heat – Despite what a lot of people say, we really would advise against using heat on your synthetic wig. Synthetic hair isn’t made to withstand hot styling tools, and you’ll end up damaging the hair.

  • Only use a hair extensions or wig brush – Using a brush that's specifically designed for extensions or wigs is the only way to keep your wig looking its best for longer. Our Signature Deluxe Brush has been designed with our extensions and wigs in mind, so it's the perfect brush to style your wig.

  • Make use of a styling head – It's easiest to style your wig when it's not on your head. That's the beauty of having hair you can remove! Using a styling head or wig stand allows you to get a full 360-degree view of the hair so you can see what it'll look like when it's on your head.

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How Often Should You Style a Synthetic Wig?

You can style a synthetic wig as much as you want – so long as you’re doing it with care. That means never using heat, washing them at least once a week, keeping them tangle-free, and using gentle products.

Can You Add Accessories to a Synthetic Wig?

Yes, you can add accessories to a synthetic wig. This can include hair clips, bows, headbands, or any other hair accessory of choice. Be gentle when applying or removing accessories to avoid damaging the fibres of the wig.

Can I Use Products to Style a Synthetic Wig?

Certainly, RiRi synthetic wigs are designed to withstand the use of styling products. Be cautious if you're using another brand's synthetic wigs, as they may not tolerate styling products as well.

How Do You Style Synthetic Hair Without Heat?

Styling synthetic hair without heat is simple, especially with RiRi wigs that come pre-styled. You can refresh the style by gently shaping it using our Deluxe Hair Extension Brush. For more detailed instructions, check out our tutorial videos on our TikTok!

How Long Should a Synthetic Wig Last?

The lifespan of a synthetic wig varies depending on its quality, how often it's worn, and how well it's cared for. Generally, a high-quality synthetic wig can last anywhere between 3 to 6 months with regular wear. If worn less frequently and maintained properly, it may last even longer.

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