RiRi Hair Extension Tutorials

New to hair extensions or just need a refresh on how to apply your RiRi extensions?

We've got you covered babes - watch how to apply hair extensions with our hair extensions tutorials!


  • Do not apply heat.
  • Always use a RiRi Hair Brush
  • Always brush slowly and gently from the ends upwards.
  • We do not recommend washing your RiRi's.
  • Always brush your RiRi's in sections.
  • Always hang your RiRi's up in a RiRi Hanger & Case.
  • Always tag us on social media to become our RiRi rocket!
  • Do not colour your RiRi's!
  • Always remember YOU are beautiful!

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RiRi Online Hair Extensions Tutorials

Are you thinking about getting hair extensions? Or maybe you already have them, but you're not quite sure how to style them? Well, never fear! Mia Sulley is here to help.

In this series of tutorials, Mia will show you how to put on hair extensions and share tips on how to care for them, so you can keep them looking gorgeous.

So what are you waiting for? Watch the tutorials and learn how to make your hair look fabulous!

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And if you're not sure how to put them in, or how to style them once you've got them, don't worry! We have a whole range of tutorials right here, so you can learn everything you need to know about hair extensions.

So what are you waiting for? Browse our website and find the perfect hair extensions for you today!