How to Store Your Human & Synthetic Wigs According to Experts

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Ever wondered why some wigs just seem to lose their mojo? It's often down to how they're stored. But how should you store your wig to make sure it stays in pristine condition? We’ve got the lowdown.

It’s surprising how many of us tend to just ‘place’ our wigs on our vanity tables or in a drawer after use (we’re all guilty of it from time to time, especially after a night out). But by doing so, you’re damaging the quality and lifespan of your wig, whether it’s human or synthetic.

We’ve created this super simple guide with our advice on the best way to store your wigs at home to keep them looking their best.



Use a wig stand or mannequin head

Store in hot or cold environments

Store in a cool, dry place

Store in direct sunlight

Use a breathable storage bag

Store in a humid environment

Wash and condition before storing

Store in a plastic carrier bag

Gently brush before storing

Stack wigs on top of each other

Why it's Important to Store Your Wigs Properly

Keeping your wigs looking fresh, be they human or synthetic, is key to rocking your style with confidence.

Dust, moisture, and dirt can do a number on the fibres, making them brittle and matted.

And let’s not forget, leaving your wig out and about can totally throw off its shape, meaning you'll be spending more time trying to get it back into shape rather than showing it off.

But here’s the good news: with the right storage, like wig stands, mannequin heads, or hair hangers, you can keep your wig in tip-top shape, ready to wear at a moment's notice.

Not only does this keep your wig looking amazing, but it also saves you cash in the long run and gives that confidence a nice little boost. So, yeah, a little care goes a long way in making sure your wig stays your crowning glory!

How to Store Your Wigs with a Hanger

Our favourite way to store wigs is with a hanger. The RiRi Hair Extensions Hanger is ideal for keeping your wig safe and tangle-free when you're not wearing it, and you can use it for hair extensions, too, so it’s like a 2-for-1.

Here's how to store your wigs with a hanger...

1. Brush & Prepare Your Wig

Brushing your wig before putting it away is key to keeping it in tip-top shape. Opt for a brush specifically designed for hair extensions and wigs to gently detangle the fibres; his little action prevents knots and messes from setting in.

Brushing maintains the wig’s form and flair, making it a breeze to style next time. It also sweeps away any dust, residue, or stray strands, extending the wig’s life.

We recommend the RiRi Signature Deluxe Brush to keep your wig looking its best.

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2. Clip the Hair in the Hanger

To clip your wig into the hanger, carefully flatten it along the parting. This is the easiest way to get the wig flat enough for the hanger without causing kinks or damaging the style.

Open the clamp on the hanger and lay the top of the wig inside. Close the clamp around the hair to hold it in place.

We recommend holding the hanger up or hanging it and giving the wig an extra, gentle brush to smooth out the hair one more time.

3. Protect the Wig With a Storage Bag

After you've securely fastened your wig in its hanger, you should slip it into a protective storage bag, like the RiRi Hair Extensions Bag.

This nifty bag shields your wig from the trifecta of threats: dust, moisture, and dirt, which could degrade its quality over time.

Think of the storage bag as your wig's personal bodyguard, preserving its colour and texture, ensuring it stays clean, vibrant, and ready to impress.

Plus, it minimises rubbing against other items, warding off tangles and keeping your hairstyle just as you like it.

How to Store Your Wigs on a Wig Stand

If you have the space, you can also store your wigs on a wig stand or mannequin head. This is a great way to ensure your wigs hold their shape and style as well as display your collection beautifully.

Here's how to store your wigs on a wig stand...

1. Clean & Prepare the Wig

Just like you wouldn't dream of just tossing a wig onto a hanger without a bit of prep, getting your wig ready for its stand is key.

Begin by gently running your RiRi Deluxe Brush through to free it from knots or tangles. This will keep it looking its best and spare you from future styling woes.

Next up, clear away any traces of wig glue or adhesive. Old glue can harden and damage the wig's edges, making it tough to pull off that natural vibe the next time you wear it.

2. Position the Wig on the Wig Stand

To get your wig looking just right on a stand or mannequin head, start by lining up the wig's front edge with the forehead area of the stand. Then, with a gentle touch, ease the wig down over the stand's head, making sure it's fitting snugly and evenly on all sides.

Next, adjust the wig so it falls naturally, just as it would on your own head, to keep it in perfect shape and style for when you next choose to wear it.

3. Position the Stand Out of Direct Sunlight

Keeping your wig stand away from direct sunlight is key to making sure your hair stays looking its best.

Storing Wigs When Travelling

Heading out on a trip and worried about keeping your wigs in prime condition? Let’s talk about a game-changer: the RiRi Hair Extensions Hanger and Bag Combo. It's your new travel buddy to ensure your wigs stay untangled and damage-free.

Simply clip your wig onto the RiRi Hanger to avoid any creases or kinks, and then slip it into the RiRi Bag. This nifty combo shields your wig from dust, moisture, and sunlight while making it super easy to carry around and keep under wraps.

This solution keeps your wig looking flawless, makes packing a breeze, and ensures your wig is easy to find among your belongings.

Plus, the flat design of the hanger means you can easily slide it into your suitcase or carry-on bag without taking up too much space. No more stuffing wigs into already-packed suitcases and risking damage!

Should Human Hair Wigs Be Stored Differently?

Storing your wig, whether it's made from human hair or synthetic fibres, generally follows the same straightforward guidelines: keep it shielded from direct sunlight, dust, and any moisture to ensure it remains in top-notch condition.

Conditioning your human hair wig before storage can help keep it in the best possible condition between wears and prolong its lifespan.

This simple step helps maintain its beautiful shine and prevents the strands from becoming dry or brittle over time.

Summary: Storing Your Wig Without Damage

Proper wig storage is vital to keeping your wigs looking their best and extending their lifespan.

Our Hanger & Bag Combo is seriously the best way to keep your wig from getting tangled or damaged. You can order it direct from our website or over on our TikTok Shop and have it delivered straight to your door (next-day delivery is available, too!).


Can I Store My Wigs in Ziploc Bags?

While Ziploc bags can protect wigs from dust and moisture for short-term storage, they're not ideal for long-term use. Lack of air circulation can lead to a buildup of humidity, potentially damaging hair fibres. Opt for breathable wig bags or storage solutions designed specifically for wigs.

Should I Store My Wig Inside Out?

Storing a wig inside out can help maintain its internal structure and reduce exposure to dust. However, for long-term storage, it's best to use wig stands or hangers with bags to preserve the wig's exterior aesthetic and internal form effectively.

Should I Take My Wig Off at Night?

Yes, removing your wig at night is recommended to prevent tangling and matting. It allows your scalp to breathe and extends the lifespan of your wig, keeping it in better condition. Plus, storing your wig properly overnight can help maintain its style and shape.

How to Store Heavily Styled Wigs?

For heavily styled wigs, use a mannequin head or wig stand to maintain the style. Ensure it's placed away from direct sunlight to help keep the style intact. Regularly reshaping with gentle hands can help preserve elaborate designs.

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