RiRi's Expert Tips To Find Your Perfect Shade Of Chocolate Brown Hair Extensions

Let's face it; we've all thought about dying our hair brown before. There's just something about the rich, warm shade that's so subtly stunning. And, in fact, the people of TikTok are turning to chocolate brown hair more and more each day (we've certainly been taking notice).

Whether you're lucky enough to have naturally brunette hair or you're a faux-brown-haired gal, hair extensions are the key to unlocking even more beautiful hair.

Within minutes (we're not exaggerating) you can instantly add length, volume and texture to your hair – because who's got time to wait around for your hair to grow?

But getting your hair extensions shade right is an absolute must. If you're walking round wearing the wrong shade, your extensions will stick out like a bad dye job, so you need to get it right first time.

Our hair extensions experts have put forward their best tips for finding the perfect shade of chocolate brown hair extensions, so read on for your insider info!

1: Establish What Brown Hair Colour You Have

First on the agenda: what hair colour do you have? And no, we're not kidding.

The best way to ensure you get the right shade of extensions is to match it as closely to your own hair colour as possible, which means really looking at your hair colour.

It's not very common for people's hair to be the same colour all over – last least naturally, anyway.

Look for any subtle changes in colour, like darker roots to lighter ends or warm tones that drift into cool ones. You might find that your hair colour is actually a mix of two or three shades of brown!

Find a hair colour chart online and see which shades of brown your natural hair falls closest to.

Chocolate Brown Hair Extensions

2: Look at Your Hair in Different Lights

Everybody's hair looks slightly different in different lights. You might think your hair is one colour during the day, only to realise it looks a little different in lamplight or natural sunlight.

Examine your hair in different types of light and assess the shades that are more prominent – are they warm, cool or neutral? Are the tones lighter or darker?

This doesn't mean you have to get obsessed with it, but the more you know about your hair colour, the easier it will be for you to find the perfect chocolate brown hair extensions.

3: Consider Your Natural Hair Length

Not only are you trying to match your extensions to your hair colour, but you also want to take into account your hair type and length.

Wearing hair extensions that are too short in comparison to your natural hair length will make it look like you've had a bad layering job done. They'll sit unnaturally and won't blend in properly.

choc brown hair extensions

How to Measure Your Hair Length

To avoid this, just simply measure your hair! Grab a tape measure and measure from the bottom of your hair to the roots to get a good idea of the length you've got. That way, you'll know exactly what hair extension lengths to be shopping for.

If you're after more volume, opt for chocolate brown hair extensions that are most similar in length to your own. Or, if it's length you want, go for extensions that are longer than your natural hair.

4: Always Match to the Ends of Your Hair

Think about it: the ends of your hair are where you're going to see the most colour variation, so it's best to match your extensions to those.

The top half of your hair extensions won't really be visible when you're wearing them, and the ends will be more visible, so it makes sense to focus your attention on the bottom of your hair.

5: If in Doubt, Go a Shade Darker

A good rule of thumb that we live by? If in doubt, go for a shade darker.

It's much easier to blend in darker extensions than it is lighter ones. Hair extensions that are one shade darker than your natural hair colour will look more subtle and natural, but lighter extensions can make it seem obvious that you're wearing hair extensions.

So we always recommend going for a shade darker to ensure the best results.

long choc brown hair extensions

Use Our Free Hair Extensions Colour Match Service

If you're ever in doubt that you've found the right shade, we offer a colour match service to help take the guesswork out of finding your perfect chocolate brown hair extensions. And because we want you to get it right the first time, it's totally free.

Simply send us a picture of your hair on one of our socials (Facebook or Instagram) in good lighting, and our expert team will do the rest.

We'll consider everything we've laid out above, and our experts will be able to recommend the closest shade of chocolate brown extensions for you.

It really is that simple!

Final Thoughts: Take Your Pick from RiRi's Chocolate Brown Hair Extensions

We've got a huge range of chocolate brown hair extensions with something to suit everyone. From shades like the ultimate Choc Brown to Warm Brunette and Chestnut Brown, our spectrum of hair extensions will be sure to have something for you.

Shop our collection of brown hair extensions, and order by 3pm for UK Next Day Delivery!


Should hair extensions be lighter or darker?

It's usually better to go for a shade darker when picking hair extensions, as it will look more natural and be much easier to blend.

Is chocolate brown hair colour warm or cool?

Generally speaking, chocolate brown hair is warm-toned. But, if it's cool tones you're after, you can opt for some ashy brown highlights or lowlights.

What skin tone looks good in chocolate brown?

Chocolate brown is a completely versatile hair shade and looks good on every skin tone!

What is the difference between dark brown and chocolate brown hair?

Chocolate brown is typically richer and warmer in tone than dark brown, which is usually a cooler, deeper shade.

Written by our hair extension expert

Nancy Pinder

Nancy Pinder is our resident hair and beauty specialist at RiRi Hair Extensions. She advises customers daily in our Lakeside and Bluewater stores, helping them find the perfect look, length, and shade of hair extensions. Nancy also presents our TikTok live to thousands of viewers across the world. You can catch her on our TikTok every week here: @ririhairextensions_uk.

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