Professional Hair Extensions

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Looking for a way to stand out from the crowd? RiRi’s professional hair extensions are fantastic for transforming your look. See for yourself!
    5 products
    8-piece 22" Human Hair Clip-in Hair Extensions
    Best Seller!
    22" Human Hair Tape Extensions in 50g Pot
    22″ Clip-In Human Hair Ponytail Extensions
    Human Hair Tape Extensions Colour Ring
    At Our Lakeside Salon!
    Human Hair Tape In Hair Extensions Fitting (In-Salon Service)
    from £285.00

    When it comes to any type of hair extensions, quality matters big time. Cheap and poorly made hair extensions will not only look fake, but they probably won't last as long, and they could even end up damaging your hair.

    Here at RiRi Hair Extensions, you'll find nothing less than high-quality, beautifully crafted hair extensions - because we know that if you're going to invest in hair extensions, you might as well get the best quality possible!