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In your search for hair extensions, you've probably come across a whole range of prices – some being upwards of £200 and others being below £20. But how do you know which is going to give you the best bang(s) for your buck?

The truth is, there's no one simple answer to how much hair extensions cost. It all depends on the type of extensions you're getting, the installation method, and the salon you get them from.

To make things a bit simpler for you, we've put together a little guide to hair extension prices to give you some idea as to how much your extensions will set you back, as well as our expert tips on how to know if you've paid more for your set than you probably should have.

Type of Hair Extension

Cost of Hair Extension

Synthetic Clip-ins

£20 - £60

Human Hair Clip-ins

£140 - £220

Human Hair Tape-ins

£150 - £700+

Fusion Hair Extensions

£380 - £550

Synthetic Hair Vs Human Hair Extensions Cost

One of the biggest factors that affect the cost of hair extensions is whether they're made from human or synthetic hair, and even then, it can be broken down further into the type of synthetic material being used and the grade of human hair – but we'll keep it simple!

Cost of Synthetic Hair Extensions

Synthetic extensions are the cheaper option between the two because they're made from (yep, you guessed it!) a synthetic material, as opposed to actual, real hair.

You'll find the price of synthetics ranges anywhere from a couple of pounds to around £100 (at non-sale prices).

Of course, you should expect anything suspiciously cheap is probably pretty poor quality and just not worth it! Synthetics around the £30 mark and upwards are where you should be looking.

Cost of Human Hair Extensions

At the other end of the spectrum, human hair extensions are much more expensive because they use real, human hair.

Prices for these can vary greatly depending on the grade of hair used – for example, Remy hair will be higher quality than regular human hair and, as a result, cost more.

Overall, you can expect to pay anywhere between £100 to £300, and even way beyond that up to £1,000. As we said, a lot of factors come into play here, so it just depends on your budget.

How Much Do Clip-in Hair Extensions Cost?

At RiRi, we truly believe everyone should have access to quality and affordable extensions to achieve their dream hair goals – so that's exactly what we offer!

Clip-in extensions are the easiest and most convenient method of installation, so you can expect them to cost you less than, say, a set of sew-ins.

You can find both synthetic and human hair clip-ins, so the exact price will depend on which type you opt for. Below is a simple breakdown of prices for these temporary hair extensions.

Synthetic Clip-in Hair Extensions: £20 - £60

Generally, you should be looking to pay around £20 to £60 for single-weft synthetic clip-ins, with the more expensive of the bunch being better quality than the cheaper variants.

At the lower end of the price scale, our Classic 16" Curly Synthetic Hair Extensions are currently priced at a very reasonable £19.99, which is a bargain for these high-quality wefts.

This reduced price currently applies to all synthetic clip-in extensions from our Classic range.

At the top end of the range, we have The Jess Collection and The Eve Collection, currently priced at £59.99 each. These two sets include a 24" or 26" weft and a 24" or 26" wrap-around ponytail, giving you excellent value for money.

Human Hair Clip-In Hair Extensions: £140 - £220

For human hair clip-in extensions, the price range can be anywhere from £100 to upwards of £250, depending on things like length, thickness, number of wefts and, of course, the quality.

Our 20″ Clip-In Human Hair Ponytail Extensions are priced at £140, which is a decent middle ground for human hair clip-ins. These human hair extensions are made from Remy hair, so you know you're getting a high-quality product for the price.

At the top end of the price scale, we've got the 8-piece 20" Human Hair Clip-in Hair Extensions, coming in at £220. This set includes 8 separate wefts in different sizes and lengths to help you create the luscious locks of your dreams, even with thin hair.

How Much Do Permanent Hair Extensions Cost?

Permanent hair extensions will cost you much more than your simple clip-ins because they're, well, permanent. They're a lot more time-consuming when it comes to installation, and you'll have to go to a salon for a professional to fit them for you.

So, bear in mind you'll be paying for two things here – the installation time and the actual hair.

Tape-In Hair Extensions: £285 - £700 +

Our 22" Human Hair Tape Extensions in 50g Pot is available in over 24 shades and costs £150. This doesn't include installation. For the hair and installation with 50g of hair, it'll cost you £285.

This price increases as the weight of the hair installed increases. The maximum weight of hair we install at our RiRi salon is 250g for £685.

In all, you should be expecting to pay anywhere from £285 to upwards of £700 for your set of tape-in extensions, including installation. Again, this depends on the type of hair used and the weight of the extensions – so if you're after super thick and long inches, expect to pay a bit more!

You'll also need to factor in maintenance costs, as you'll need to book regular appointments at the salon to get them re-fitted when your hair grows out.

But if you're after a more permanent solution to your fine hair woes, it's definitely worth the investment.

Fusion Hair Extensions: £500 +

Fusion extensions are another popular method of permanent installation, and you can expect a slightly larger price tag than tape-ins. In general, you should expect to pay somewhere around the £500 mark.

Again, this depends on the length, thickness and quality of hair used, but generally, it should cost around and upwards of this.

How to Tell if You've Paid Too Much for Your Hair Extensions

When it comes to hair extensions, you usually get what you pay for – so stay away from suspiciously cheap extensions that are likely to be of sub-par quality.

However, don't just assume the more expensive they are, the better they are either. If you're paying an outrageous price, make sure you're actually getting the quality of hair and installation to match. You can tell if your hair extensions are low quality simply by the feel of the hair.

Here are some more tips to help you know what your hair extensions should feel like.

  • Low-quality synthetics will have a plastic-y feel to them and aren't soft or silky at all - the same goes for human hair extensions – with low-quality products being super dry and brittle.
  • You might also notice a fake sheen to cheaper quality hair rather than a natural-looking shine. The colour might be a bit off, too – so watch out for that.
  • Shedding is another sign of poor-quality extensions. You're likely to lose a very small amount of hair when brushing or washing the extensions, but if it's an excessive amount, you can tell something isn't quite right.

The Roundup: How Much Do Hair Extensions Cost?

There isn't one answer to the question of how much hair extensions cost. The two biggest factors to consider are the type of hair used and the installation method, as these both impact the price massively.

Non-permanent methods, like clip-ins, are the cheapest and most convenient, costing anywhere from £20 to £250.

Permanent methods such as tape-ins and fusion can be expected to cost anywhere from £285 to £700 and way beyond that to a few thousand, depending on the salon.

At RiRi Hair Extensions, you can be sure to find quality and affordable clip-ins with prices starting from just £19.99 for Classic synthetics and £140 for Remy human hair.

We also offer a tape-in extensions installation service at our Lakeside Salon for those after a more permanent solution, with prices starting at £285 for a 50g pack.

Be sure to shop and book with us today!


How Much Do Hair Extensions Cost In A Salon?

If you're solely purchasing the hair, you'll probably pay a bit more in a salon than you would online. If you're also getting your extensions fitted, you'll have to pay an installation fee, too. Permanent methods, such as fusion and tape hair extensions, can cost upwards of £285 to even £700 depending on the salon, the weight of the extensions and the quality of hair used.

Why Are Human Hair Extensions So Expensive?

Human hair extensions are costly because they are made from real, high-quality human hair, which is in limited supply and high demand globally. The process of collecting, treating, and preparing the hair is labour-intensive and time-consuming, further adding to the cost. Also, human hair extensions provide a more natural look and feel and can be treated just like your natural hair - styled, dyed, and washed - which isn't possible with synthetic extensions.

How Much Do Clip-In Hair Extensions Cost?

Clip-in extensions are the most convenient and cheapest method of installation, so you should be looking to pay around £20 to £80 for synthetic clip-ins, depending on the quality, and between £100 to upwards of £250 for human hair clip-ins, depending on things like length, thickness, number of wefts and grade of hair used.

Is Expensive Always Better With Hair Extensions?

Not necessarily. Price can be an indicator of quality in hair extensions, but it isn't a guaranteed measure. Instead, factors like the type of hair (synthetic or human), grade of human hair, hair texture, and installation method should be considered when determining if extensions are priced properly.

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