What Is Remy Human Hair?

Remy human hair extensions are the highest quality and most popular type of hair extensions on the market.

That's because Remy hair is cut from a single donor, so all the cuticles face the same direction.

This means that Remy hair is less likely to tangle, making it last longer and look better than other types of hair extensions.

Remy human hair can also be dyed and styled just like your own natural hair, so you can get the exact look you want.

If you're looking for the best quality hair extensions, Remy human hair is the way to go!

What Is Remy Human Hair?

Remy Human Hair vs Non-Remy

Remy hair is an industry term which describes the pureness and quality of human hair. In short, Remy hair extensions are of a higher quality; the cuticles are intact and facing the same direction. 

Remy hair is also subject to a much more careful and considered collection process. Non-Remy hair is not. The hair is sourced and collected without much thought or quality control measures.

Benefits of Using Remy Human Hair

There are several benefits to choosing Remy human hair extensions over Non-Remy hair. First, the quality tends to be a lot better, so the extensions will look and feel superior. 

The collection methods also have to adhere to higher standards. For example, the cuticles all have to be intact and facing the same way. This can often mean that the hair extensions will last longer than their Non-Remy counterparts.

benefits of Remy Human Hair

100% Equal Lengths

Remy hair is collected carefully. This means the strands are near identical in all aspects, including length. Equal lengths are important to make the extensions look more realistic and simply of better quality. 

Matting & Tangle Resistant

Hair extensions can tangle, just as hair can. However, Non-Remy hair is more prone to matting and tangles, and it can be hard to brush out. Remy hair is easier to brush and less prone to tangling in the first place; this means that they are likely to look better and last longer.

Natural Looking

Remy hair is incredibly natural looking as it is real human hair of the highest quality. Non-Remy hair is somewhat natural looking but obviously of a lesser quality, and synthetic hair is a good dupe but the least natural-looking of the options because it has an unnatural sheen to it.


As Remy hair is of the highest quality – as mentioned above – it is also far longer lasting than other options. This is because it is subject to stricter standards, less prone to matting and tangling, and the hair is smoother and easier to deal with and maintain too.

Great Value For Money

As Remy hair is of the highest standard, the longevity is all but guaranteed and therefore, it is excellent value for money.

It might cost more initially, but it is an investment it won't need replacing as quickly as other extensions, which would end up costing more in the long run. 

remy human hair pros and cons

Where Does Remy Human Hair Come From?

Remy hair usually comes from one of four locations: India, Asia, Europe and Russia. The textures do vary slightly between the different regions. That being said, where it comes from matters less than how it is sourced.

The processing methods can affect the quality, and the donors should be compensated fairly. Remy hair should be collected and processed with care to keep its quality.

Choosing The Right Remy Human Hair Extensions

Remy hair is arguably the best choice when it comes to hair extensions. That being said, they are a little pricey, which is why it is important that you take your time when choosing them. Otherwise, you risk ending up with the wrong extensions that won't work for your hair.

Colour Matching

First things first, you need to make sure that you are colour matching the extensions properly. If you buy your extensions from a traditional shop, then the sales assistant can help with this, and you can see for yourself whether they are a good match.

However, if you are buying online, then you ought to choose a store that offers a colour matching service. For the most part, this will mean sending photos of your hair to a team and them suggesting the closest matches. 


The next thing you need to think about is how long you want your human hair extensions to be. This will depend on the length of your hair and what you want to achieve with the extensions.

If you want to thicken your hair, you don't need to go that long, but if adding length is what you are after, then obviously, you should pick longer extensions. Get out a measuring tape to see your options and what that would mean for your hair. 


Another thing to consider is the types of styles that you want to do with your extensions. For example, if you mainly want to use them when your hair is up, then you might want to consider a ponytail extension, whereas if you want to wear your hair down, then you will need to think about different options. 

Attachment Methods

There are several attachment methods to consider. The most common type of hair extensions is the clip-in which, as they sound, are clipped into the hair. Halo hair extensions are simply placed on the head using clips and a thin fishing line to stay in place.

There are also sew-ins, weaves or bonds, which are more permanent and should be done by a professional. 

brushing remy human hair

Remy Human Hair Maintenance

Remy hair extensions should be maintained properly in order to ensure that they will last as long as possible and minimise the potential for damage. Luckily, maintaining the extensions is pretty easy. 

Remy extensions are human hair, and therefore, anything that you can do to your hair, you can do to the extensions; this includes heat styling and beauty products. Caring for the extensions then is similar to caring for your real hair. 

They need to be brushed carefully before and after use. You should wash them regularly, although not as often as your real hair.

Finally, when using heated styling products, you should be putting heat-protectant spray on them. You can occasionally give them a conditioning treatment too if you think they need it. 

Riri Hair Tutorial - from Riri Hair on Vimeo.



Is Remy hair better than human hair?

Remy hair is human hair, but it is the best quality human hair. Remy hair comes from donors who have looked after their hair. The strands are carefully collected and scrutinised to ensure that they are of the best possible quality. 

How long does Remy human hair last?

Human hair extensions, in general, tend to have a lifespan of around a year. However, if you care for them properly, they can last a lot longer than that. 

Can you curl Remy hair?

Remy hair is human hair, and as such, it can be treated exactly the same as you would your hair. This means you can use heated styling products on them; you should be using heat-protectant spray if you do. 

How can you tell the quality of Remy human hair?

Remy hair is verified externally as Remy hair. Therefore, the quality is all but guaranteed. If you look for Remy hair in a store, you should be able to assess the quality for yourself. The hair should be perfectly uniform. This means that they should all be the same length and smoothness with an absence of split ends.

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