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Are you umm-ing and ahh-ing over getting yourself hair extensions?  Thinking about what you’ll look like with a full head of luscious locks? Well, we're about to show you the power our RiRi's hold with these incredible photos of hair extensions before and after!

We've been helping gorgeous girls transform their hair for years, and we take pride in using only the best quality human and synthetic hair for our RiRi Extensions. We have lengths that range from 16" to 30" in a whole range of hairstyles, so there truly is something for everyone.

To show you exactly how our extensions look, we've rounded up a few photos of our clip-in hair extensions before and after. Let's take a look!

16 Inch Hair Extensions Before and After

This stunning set of extensions is our Deluxe 16" Synthetic Curly Clip-ins, and they're one of the shortest lengths available at RiRi.

These girls are perfect for wearing in short and bob-length hair to add some more inches. Or, if you're looking to add a bit of volume and texture to your mid-length hair, they're the perfect choice, too!

You can see exactly how these clip-ins work at adding length, volume and style to the hair. 

And the best part? They're available in over 30 shades! So you'll be able to match them to your natural hair really easily.

18 Inch Hair Extensions Before and After

Our 18-inch extensions are slightly longer than our 16-inch, but still great for adding length and volume to shorter hair.

This is our Classic 18" Flick Clip-ins, and you can see how they take the before picture from shoulder length to full and bouncy, mid-length hair. 

They have a natural flick at the ends that creates a really beautiful style, and just like our 16-inch curly, they're available in over 30 shades.

This set is gorgeous on mid-length hair for a subtle boost of volume and length.

20 Inch Hair Extensions Before and After

Long hair, don't care! Well, you certainly will when you see just how amazing our 20-inch extensions look!

This is a set of Deluxe 20" Curly Clip-in Extensions, and if you want to add some serious length to your hair, this is the way to go!

Our 20-inch extensions are perfect for short hair, long hair and everything in between. 

They create the most stunning princess-like hair transformation for taking your everyday look to the next level, or for bringing together a show-stopping event style.

22 Inch Hair Extensions Before and After

Our 22-inch extensions are perfect for creating a super long and luxurious style. If you need something special for an event or party, these are definitely some of the best hair extensions for the job! 

Or, if you just fancy adding a little extra glam to your casual look, they're perfect for that, too.

This set is our 8-Piece 22" Human Hair Clip-in Extensions, and they're available in over 10 beautiful hair shades. The Remy hair is seriously amazing quality, letting you style is just like your real hair. 

Take a look at this before and after photo – you can see how much volume and length it adds to the hair. Plus, the curls are just so glam!

22 inch Ponytail

We also have a 22" Full Bodied Clip-in Ponytail Extension, which is perfect for giving your hair a quick and easy updo in seconds.

This ponytail uses super soft synthetic fibres and really easily clips into place over your natural ponytail, adding insane length and body.

24 Inch Hair Extensions Before and After

If you're looking for even more extra length, it's right here!

These are our longest clip-in hair extensions, and they create the most dramatic transformation.

These are our Deluxe 24" Flick Clip-in Extensions, and they look stunning in all hair. They feature the same subtle flick as our shorter styles, just with a whole lot of extra volume and length.

This before and after photo shows just how much the hair can be transformed with these extensions – from mid-length to a full 24-inch mane!

30 Inch Hair Extensions Before and After

Last, but most certainly not least in our collection, is our 30" Wrap Around Sleek Ponytail Extensions. 

This ponytail is made from the same beautiful synthetic fibres as our other synthetic extensions and adds a truly insane amount of volume and length to your hair.

In the photo, you can see how the ponytail falls all the way to the waist. It gives you truly Instagram-worthy hair, and it's so easy to clip in.

Transform Your Hair with RiRi Hair Extensions

So, there you have it! That's our full range of RiRi Hair Extensions before and after lengths. Now that you've seen how they look, why not give them a try? 

With so many shades and styles to choose from, you're bound to find the perfect extensions for you.

Whether you're after super easy clip-ins or semi-permanent tape-ins, you can trust RiRi to give you the perfect match and help you create your dream hair.

Ready to transform your hair with RiRi? Shop our range of extensions today!


How Long Do Clip-in Hair Extensions Usually Last?

Clip-in extensions will typically last around 12 months if you're wearing them frequently. Obviously, the more often you wear them and keep them in, the less time they'll last.

Do Clip-in Hair Extensions Damage Your Hair?

No! Clip-in extensions are some of the friendliest to your hair. Just be careful not to pull on the clips; otherwise, you risk damaging the natural hair the clips are attached to.

What Length Hair Extensions Should I Get?

If you want to add length to your hair with hair extensions, choose extensions that are longer than your natural hair. If you want to just add volume, choose a length that's closely similar to your hair length.

How Do I Match the Hair Extensions to My Natural Hair Colour?

We offer a free colour matching service that takes away the hassle of trying to match your hair yourself! Just send us over a photo of your natural hair in good lighting, and we'll recommend which RiRi shade is best suited.

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Nancy is our resident hair and beauty specialist at RiRi Hair Extensions. She advises customers daily in our Lakeside and Bluewater stores, helping them find the perfect look, length, and shade of hair extensions. 

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