Half-Head Hair Extensions Vs Full Head - Which Should You Get?

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Before choosing your type of hair extensions or getting them installed, you’ll need to determine whether you want to go for a half-head of extensions vs a full-head.

While both offer amazing results, they do have some key differences that you should consider when choosing which one is best for you. Things like your hair type and your hair goals will come into play as to which type you should choose, but we’ll help you break it down so your decision is easier…

What Are Half-Head Extensions?

Half-head extensions are designed to cover only half of your head (hence the name). They can come as either classic clip-in extensions, wigs, or semi-permanent extensions.

They require less hair than a full head of extensions, so the grams of hair in half-head sets are usually lower.

Who are Half-Head Extensions Suitable For?

They're usually used for adding thickness and volume rather than focusing on adding length, which is what makes them great for using in thin hair. By adding hair pieces to your head, half-head extensions can create a fuller, more voluminous look.

Half-heads are fantastic for anyone with thicker hair, too. Already naturally full hair looks gorgeous when half-head extensions are added for some extra oomph.

Benefits of Half-Head Extensions

There are quite a few plus sides to having half-head extensions. Our experts have picked their favourite reasons for choosing a half-head over full-head extensions.

Great for adding volume –Half-head extensions are ideal for instantly adding volume to your hair. 

Blend seamlessly with natural hair –Because the half-head hairpiece covers your natural hair, you don't have to worry as much about blending your natural hair compared to full-head extensions.

Less expensive –Half-head extensions or wigs use less hair, so they’re generally less expensive than a full-head.

Installation isn’t as long – Similar to the point above, since there is less hair to install, the whole process is quicker, no matter which type of half-head extensions you’ve gone for.

What Are Full Head Extensions?

In contrast to half-head extensions, full-head extensions are designed to add volume and length to your entire head, providing more coverage. 

These extensions also come in different types, such as clip-ins, tape-ins, and wigs.

Who are Full-Head Extensions Suitable For?

Full-head extensions are great for both thinner and thicker hair types. They can add volume and length to thin hair while also providing more coverage for thicker hair.

If you have flat hair, installing a full head of extensions can give you the desired volume and body and add inches to your natural length.

Benefits of Full-Head Hair Extensions

Full-head extensions are an incredibly popular choice for people looking to enhance their locks with length and thickness. Here are some of our favourite pros to this kind of extension.

Styling versatility – When using multiple wefts to add length and volume to your hair, the extensions blend with your natural hair much more easily. This allows you to style your hair almost as you would with just your natural hair, such as quickly putting it into a ponytail or braiding it.

Adds more volume – Half-head extensions are great for adding volume, but a full head of extensions creates the appearance of even thicker hair. Because you’re installing more hair, you’re also adding more weight, which can contribute to fuller-looking locks.

Looks natural – Full-head extensions can often look more natural than half-head extensions, particularly if you have thinner hair. The additional wefts help to fill any gaps or areas where your natural hair may be thinner, creating a more seamless blend.

Should You Choose Half-Head Extensions vs Full-Head?

Okay, so we're not going to keep you completely in the dark about how to choose the right extensions for you and your goals. Our experts have put together this helpful mini guide to help you narrow down your decision.

#1 Consider Your Hair Type

The first and most important thing to consider is your hair type.

If you have thin or thick hair, full-head extensions will give you that extra bit of volume you’ve been dreaming of. The extra coverage provided by the full-head extensions will create a fuller and more luscious look that half-head extensions may not be able to achieve on their own.

On the other hand, if you have thick hair, half-head extensions may be enough to give you that extra length and volume without feeling too heavy or uncomfortable. Since your natural hair is already thick, adding too many full-head extensions can weigh down your hair.

Similarly, if you have particularly thin or fine hair, half-heads will be more suitable and much less visible at the top of your head. The thinner your natural hair, the more noticeable full-head extensions may be, so opting for half-heads can blend in better.

#2 What's the Occasion?

Another really important thing to consider is when you're going to be using the extensions.

If you're saving them for a special occasion, a full-head can be a great way to add some drama and overhaul your look. However, if you want something more for everyday or regular wear, you can't go wrong with half-head clip-ins.

#3 What's the Desired Look?

We mentioned above that the way you want to style your hair will have an impact on the type of extensions that are right for your hair.

If you mainly style your hair in updos or you're the sort of gal who likes to be able to throw her hair up in a messy bun throughout the day, a half-head probably isn't going to work for you as the style and attachment style isn't suited to quick hairstyle changes and creating seamless updos can be challenging. Having many hair extensions or wefts allows you to create the look you want every time.

On the other hand, if you prefer a polished, voluminous look that's low maintenance, you can't go wrong with a half-head piece.

The amount of hair in these extensions provides all the volume you need, and if you get a pre-styled piece like the RiRi 24" Bounce Wave or the 24" Curly Half-Head Piece, you don't even have to worry about styling it!

#4 What's Your Budget?

A more practical consideration is the price of the extensions. Depending on how many wefts you get, the length of the hair, and whether you opt for synthetic or real human hair, the initial cost could be very affordable or more expensive.

The trick with budgeting for hair extensions is to take into account how often you'll wear them, how long they last, and how much they cost to replace. 

If you want extensions for more regular wear, they're going to cost more over time, but investing in high-quality hair can work out more cost-effectively over time than opting for something cheaper that won't look good at 1-2 wears.

The Verdict: Half-Head vs Full-Head Extensions

So that's the difference between full-head hair extensions and half-head extensions. Both of these extensions are great for adding a little extra something to your everyday style or a special occasion.

If you have thin hair, you’ll probably find that full-head extensions will help you achieve the look you want, giving your hair more volume and length. However, if you have thicker hair or especially fine hair, half-head extensions can still give you that added boost without feeling too heavy or being visible.

Find Your Perfect Extensions With RiRi Hair Extensions!

Regardless of which option suits your hair and style better, we have everything you need to nail your new look – from beautiful and simple half-heads to full and luxurious 3-piece extensions.

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What Type of Hair Extension is Best for Fine Hair?

Clip-in full-head pieces are ideal for fine hair. They add instant volume and length without putting too much weight on your natural hair. Plus, you don’t have to commit to permanent extensions, so you can take them out and put them in when you wish! Not to mention, they’re much less costly.

Should I Get Half-Head or Full-Head Extensions With Very Thin Hair?

If you have very thin or fine hair, we’d recommend half-head extensions. If your hair is particularly fine on top, a full head of extensions is more likely to be visible and not blend as seamlessly. Half-head extensions can still add volume and length while also being more natural-looking.

Is 100g Of Hair Enough for a Full Head?

Around 150g to 200g is most common for a full head of extensions. 100g could be sufficient, but it all depends on your natural hair’s thickness. Always consult with a professional hairstylist to determine the best amount for your specific needs.

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Is a Half-Head of Extensions Enough?

Half-head extensions are perfect for anyone with very thin hair or thick hair. If you don’t want to add lots of length or volume and just want to naturally elevate your look, then a half-head may be enough.

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