Benefits Of Hair Extension Training

Not only will you learn how to apply and style hair extensions like a pro, but you'll also gain the skills and knowledge necessary to start your own business.

With the right training, you can become your own boss and build a successful career in the hair extension industry.

But why learn to fit hair extensions?

There are many reasons why hair extension training can be beneficial for your career, such as working for yourself doing something you love, learning a new skill, and the opportunity to work with some amazing people!

Introduction To Hair Extensions 

Hair extensions have long been a popular staple of hair care and getting qualified to do hair extensions can be a fantastic opportunity to earn money.  

There are many different kinds of hair extension, and people choose to use them for a variety of reasons. They are often a popular choice for weddings or holidays to give a volumising and lengthening effect.  

Here at RiRi, we have courses to help you learn about all the best hair extension techniques, from application to styling. We pride ourselves on offering quality education to our trainees, allowing them the skills and confidence to start their own businesses.  

Skills You Will Learn 

All of our courses have small class sizes so that you have plenty of opportunities to ask questions and get one-to-one training and help. The skills you learn will depend on the course you select, and we offer a range to suit any skill or requirement.  

At the end of your course, you will be fully accredited in your chosen extension and gain experience and to start your own hair extension business.  

You’ll learn how to work safely with clients’ hair, how to keep ahead of trends and change your practice to suit new demands. We’ll also teach you to identify the right extensions for different hair types and client needs and the best ways to colour match extensions.  

We’ll also give you a helping hand to establish your own business, including social media training and a discount for our brand. Our ongoing support is also available to you for as long as you might need it, with our expert trainers only ever a message or phone call away.  

RiRi Hair Extension Training

Tape Hair Extensions 

Tape hair extensions are one of the latest and most popular forms of extensions. It is a simple and quick way to add volume and length to the hair by taping the extension to the natural hair.  

The ease of application, removal and reapplication is what makes this method so popular. Learning more about this type of hair extension can be a great way to build a loyal, repeat customer base.  

Micro Ring Hair Extensions 

Micro ring extensions are popular as they don’t require heat or glue to adhere to the hair, instead using tiny rings to connect the extension to the natural hair.  

This method can take time to apply, and if not done correctly, it can result in damage to the hair. This is why it is so essential to get the best possible training and accreditation to do the work well and give your clients extensions they will adore.  

Flat Track Weave 

A flat track weave is the process of attaching weft to the hair and is best suited for finer hair. The process works by weaving tiny beads into the hair that should sit flat against the head, hence the name.  

Like micro ring hair, this doesn’t involve glue or heat but careful sewing instead. It also requires a lot of skill to do correctly and avoid damaging the natural hair.  

Learn How To Do Flat Track Weave Hair Extensions

Blow Dry Course 

Once you’ve got the extensions attached, it is a good idea to know how to style them for your clients. Knowing how to give extensions of all types a good blow out is crucial to ensure your clients are completely happy with their new hairdo.  

Our expert trainer, Alison, has more than 20 years of experience in the haircare world and will be able to give you all the tips and tricks you need to give your clients the ultimate blow out.  

How To Book With The RiRi Hair Academy 

Booking your hair extension course couldn’t be simpler through our online academy.

All you need to do is select your course of choice, add it to your bag and make payment. We take various card payments as well as PayPal.

You can also pay in three interest-free instalments using Klarna

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch, whether through one of our socials or our contact form here on our website.

We’d be happy to discuss the courses with you and help you select the right option.  

hair extension training courses

Starting Your Own Hair Extension Business 

Starting your own hair extension business can be an incredible opportunity. If you offer the best service, you could make significant money annually and enjoy all the perks of being your own boss.

Some of the benefits include:  

  • Work the hours you want. 
  • Choose your own branding.  
  • Work with talented people.  

All our courses come with ongoing support to help you keep your skills fresh and ensure that your business takes off. As mentioned above, we also offer social media promotions and training and a full manual to guide you through your business setup.  

When thinking of starting a business, it is crucial to always choose the best.

This applies to all areas, including the products and brands you use and the training you undertake. Here at RiRi, we pride ourselves on offering the very best to aspiring hair extension business owners.  

RiRi Training Academy from Riri Hair on Vimeo.


Final Thoughts 

Starting any new business can feel daunting, which is why it is so crucial to get the best training to start off your business on the right foot.

We can help you with any of the hair extension training you need, along with providing exclusive discounted access to our range of hair extensions.

Taking the first step is often the hardest, so consider connecting with us to learn about our success stories. Hair extensions can be incredibly lucrative and allow you to do creative work you love.  

Hair Extensions Courses Cost


How long does a hair extension course take? 

Our courses range from a full day of learning to a few hours. Following the course, we offer continuous support to help you thrive.  

Do you need qualifications to do hair extensions? 

Nope! All of our courses are designed for beginners or intermediate learners so that you can begin at any experience or skill level.  

How much can I earn doing hair extensions? 

You have the potential to earn up to £100k per year doing hair extensions. This will vary based on your client roster and the time you have to dedicate to your business.  

Are RiRi hair extensions courses fully insured? 

All our courses are fully accredited by ATB and supported by Insync Insurance.

Written by our hair extension expert

Nancy Pinder

Nancy Pinder is our resident hair and beauty specialist at RiRi Hair Extensions. She advises customers daily in our Lakeside and Bluewater stores, helping them find the perfect look, length, and shade of hair extensions. Nancy also presents our TikTok live to thousands of viewers across the world. You can catch her on our TikTok every week here: @ririhairextensions_uk.

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