The 90's Ponytail Come Back: How To Master This Classic Hairstyle

From Hailey Bieber to Bella Hadid, the 90's ponytail hairstyle is back and better than ever. The 90's style trend has been all over our social media recently and we're here for it.

The 90's fashion trend has seen an entire resurgence.

The decade was known for its grunge and punk looks, but it was also the era of minimalism and futuristic fashion. From baggy jeans to chunky trainers and the iconic Spice Girls, the 90's are making a strong comeback.

Of course, this revival has spilt over into hair trends as well! 

The 90's ponytail was a staple of the decade and is now making its way back into fashion. This classic hairstyle is easy to recreate and can be dressed up or down for any occasion.

What is the 90's Ponytail Hairstyle?

The 90's ponytail hairstyle is a sleek, high-pulled look. The front of the hair is usually flat and securely pinned back to the side, while the remaining hair is pulled up into a tight ponytail on the back of the head.

The ponytail can be worn high, at the crown of your head, or low and relaxed towards the nape of your neck.

It usually works best for shorter, mid-length hair – but there's no reason why you can't recreate the look with long hair too.

We think this hairstyle looks fab for elevating your everyday style, as well as for more special occasions when you're going for a glam look.

90s ponytails

If you want to master the 90's ponytail hairstyle, here are our top tips:

Step 1: Section off Front the Front of Your Hair

The big statement of the 90's ponytail hairstyle is the deep, swooping side part. To get it right, you'll need to start by sectioning off the front of your hair and creating a side part.

Use a comb to separate the hair in a deep side part, and use a clear elastic to keep this piece of hair securely away from the rest of your locks.

Step 2: Pull Your Hair into a Ponytail

Once you've sectioned off the front of your hair, you can begin to pull everything else up into a neat ponytail.

Make sure that your ponytail is tight and secure – you want it to be sleek and polished for the perfect 90's ponytail look! But don't pull your hair too tight  – you don't want to damage your natural hair.

Position the ponytail on the crown of your head for a classic 90's look, and use a hair tie to secure it into place.

Step 3: Add in Your Ponytail Hair Extension

For the ultimate 90's ponytail (and to make your hairstyle look longer and fuller), we totally recommend adding a ponytail hair extension – and we've got just the thing!

We have a whole range of ponytail extensions that are perfect for creating all sorts of beautiful ponytails, but our Mini RiRi 16" Clip-in Wrap Around Ponytail is ideal for re-creating the 90's look.

Clip-in hair extensions are so easy to use and perfect for creating any style you like. Simply use the clips on the ponytail to secure the hair extension to your natural ponytail.

Use the wrap-around piece to cover the elastic and any other visible clips, and you've got yourself a full-bodied, voluminous 90's ponytail!

how to do a 90s ponytail

Step 4: Pin Back the Front Piece of Hair

Now it's time to bring the front of your hair back into the look.

Remove the hair elastic you used to section off the front of your hair, and use a hairbrush with some hair oil or hair gel to smooth it down.

Pin the front piece of hair back behind your ear, making sure to smooth down any baby hairs or flyaways – we want this to be as sleek and polished as possible!

Step 5: Add Bounce to Your 90's Ponytail

Your Mini RiRi Clip-in Ponytail comes pre-styled with a bounce, but it's important to blend your natural hair with the extension for a seamless, natural look.

To do this, use a pair of hair straighteners to add a flick to the ends of your hair – simply clamp your hair down and curl it outward.

It's important to make sure that your natural hair blends with your hair extensions – nobody wants a style that looks fake or wiggy!

Step 6: Use Some Hair Spray, and You're Done!

To make sure that your 90's ponytail look lasts all day long, you'll want to use some hairspray.

Simply spray your ponytail with a generous amount of hairspray, and you're good to go!

90s ponytail hairstyles

Final Thoughts: The 90's Ponytail is Back and Better Than Ever!

We love all things 90's, and we think the classic ponytail look is a great way to bring this decade back into your style.

With a few simple steps (and some of our amazing clip-in hair extensions!), you can get the perfect 90's ponytail hairstyle that'll have everyone wondering what decade they just stepped into.

Here at RiRi Hair Extensions, we want to make it super easy for you to create any hairstyle you like – and that includes the classic 90's ponytail!

So, go ahead and rock that 90's look – we know you'll love the results!


How do you do a 90s ponytail?

To achieve a 90's ponytail, start by sectioning off the front of your hair and creating a side part. Then pull your hair into a neat ponytail positioned on the crown of your head. To make the look longer and fuller, add in a ponytail hair extension like our Mini RiRi 16" Clip-in Ponytail.

Pin back the front piece of hair behind your ear, use some hair straighteners to blend your natural hair with the extension, and finish off with a spritz of hairspray.

Were side ponytails popular in the 90s?

Although the side ponytail started in the 1980's, it was still a favourite in the 1990's too. It's a really easy way to get your hair away from your face, and you can get really creative with this hairstyle.

What aesthetics were popular in the 90s?

The 1990's saw the rise of many popular aesthetics, including grunge, streetwear, and neo-hippie. A lot of these trends were heavily inspired by music and art culture - think dark flannel shirts and combat boots.

What was the most popular hairstyle in the 1990s?

90's hairstyles were all about big, bold and voluminous looks. The 90's ponytail is a classic example of this.

Written by our hair extension expert

Nancy Pinder

Nancy Pinder is our resident hair and beauty specialist at RiRi Hair Extensions. She advises customers daily in our Lakeside and Bluewater stores, helping them find the perfect look, length, and shade of hair extensions. Nancy also presents our TikTok live to thousands of viewers across the world. You can catch her on our TikTok every week here: @ririhairextensions_uk.

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