10 Trendy Wedding Hair Wave Hairstyles for Your Big Day

Hollywood-inspired weddings are super on-trend right now. The glitz and glam of the  Hollywood era are timeless – from the red-carpet outfits to the iconic decor and, of course, the hair! Classic Hollywood waves are the signature hairstyle of the era, and we've got all the inspo you need for your wedding hair waves.

From cascading waves to Jessica Rabbit-esque curls, there are lots of wedding hair waves ideas you can have done for your big day. And you can even tweak them to suit your wedding theme, so your whole wedding look will be cohesive and oh-so-gorgeous. But we'll give you some tips on that later!

We've created a list of wedding hair waves ideas you can show to your wedding hairstylist – or that you can totally do yourself if you're planning on doing your own hair –  that'll perfectly complement your glitzy wedding theme. 

So, without further ado, let's jump into it!

1. Classic Hollywood Wedding Hair Waves

Nothing gets more Hollywood than classic Hollywood waves, and as a hairstyle by itself, its timeless, sultry beauty is the perfect look for your old money-style wedding. The cascading curls embody a luxe, vintage look that looks gorgeous on longer hair lengths that'll have you feeling like you’ve stepped out of a 1940s movie.

Use some hair oil to really bring out the shine of your waves, and keep things in place with some hair spray, so it'll last you all night.

If you don't have the length you want for this look, adding hair extensions is a super easy way to add some extra inches to your hair. In particular, clip-in extensions are a great temporary solution you can use to achieve these classic wedding hair waves without committing to a full head of extensions.

Our 24" Synthetic Hollywood Wave Clip-ins are the perfect hair extensions for this hairstyle, and you don't even have to worry about using heat to style them because they're pre-styled, saving you lots of precious glam time on your wedding day.

2. Retro Jessica Rabbit Curls

Taking inspiration from everyone's favourite femme fatale, Jessica Rabbit curls are the perfect way to achieve a timeless look for your wedding day, and they're really on-trend right now. The sculpted curls of this hairstyle are bouncy and voluminous, and they'll definitely be the statement of your look.

The deep side part creates a dramatic look, and the curls work to create a beautiful waterfall of hair around your face, adding lots of glamour and glitz to the look.

3. Long Wedding Hair With Soft Waves

We love a hairstyle that looks like you've put in little-to-no effort, and your hair is just that naturally beautiful, and soft waves hit the mark perfectly. If you have a wedding dress picked out that's super special and you want all eyes on it, then this is a fab wedding hairstyle to go for. It looks gorgeous, but it won't take away from the rest of your look.

Our Deluxe 20" Curly Clip-ins give you all the length, volume and definition you need for these wedding hair waves – in a matter of minutes! They create natural curls and texture, and the subtle waves look beautiful. Plus, they come pre-styled, so you don't have to worry about using heat on them at all.

4. Wavy Bob Hairstyle

Not every wedding hairstyle has to be long and cascading. If you're confidently rocking a shorter hair length, you can still achieve beautiful wedding hair waves, and actually, we think this look is just as beautiful!

Whether you're bossing a short bob, long bob, a pixie cut or a blunt bob, you can totally add some Hollywood waves for your wedding day.

The waves will give some texture to your bob, and the curl patterns of this hairstyle can be quite timeless.

We think a 1930s-inspired bob looks particularly gorgeous and timeless – a perfect nod to the Hollywood era that looks amazing with some super soft curls.

It's also easy to incorporate hair accessories for this hairstyle – think clips and feathers for a more vintage look or sequins and beads to amp up the glam!

5. Hollywood Waves With a Viel

If you've chosen to add a veil to your wedding outfit, Hollywood waves can be the perfect accompaniment.

Combine the flowing curves of the timeless waves with a veil to create an ethereal, romantic bridal look.

You can choose a veil that matches in with your Hollywood-style wedding, like a long-flowing tulle veil, to really give you that classic glam look.

Or alternatively, if you're going for a more modern look, consider a birdcage veil or a traditional mantilla veil for something different.

6. Chignon With Hollywood Waves

Icon meets icon! A chignon is a classic wedding hairstyle choice for a lot of brides – whether you have short or long hair, you can make this hairstyle work!

But if you want to add a little something extra to your look, introduce a bit of Hollywood with some waves!

Leave out a large section of your hair at the front of your face to create a deep face-framing parting, and style the rest of your hair into a chignon.

Curl the front section of your hair into Hollywood waves, and viola!

7. Old Hollywood Waves

For a truly vintage, old-money look, old Hollywood waves are classic. Compared to regular Hollywood waves, these are more sculpted and a little more intense, and we love how glam they look.

The waves are more defined and voluminous, so if you have slightly thinner hair, they can be great for creating the illusion of thick hair.

You can sweep your hair all to one side or keep the deep side part for a more classic look. To keep the waves in place, use hair spray and a little bit of gel to hold everything together – you want those waves to last all day and night.

You could totally add some pearls or diamonds to your bridal hair for this hairstyle if you want an extra luxe look.

8. Long Wedding Hair Waves With Embellished Clips

If you prefer a more subtle hairstyle, keep it simple with some soft waves and add in some embellished clips to add a little bling to your look.

Embellished clips are perfect for a Hollywood-inspired wedding, and they bring the glam without being too over-the-top. Think pearls, crystals and diamonds, and a bit of lace for a vintage touch.

Our 8-Piece 22" Human Hair Clip-ins bring all the length, volume and bounce you need for some seriously beautiful pre-styled loose waves. Simply clip the wefts in at your roots, and all you need is your dress!



10. Hollywood Waves With Bangs

If fringe or bangs are your signature style, you should totally let them be the statement of your wedding hairstyles.

Whether you've got a box fringe, curtain fringe, side bangs or wispy bangs, you can style them beautifully with Hollywood waves.

Add a subtle inward flick to your bangs to add a bit of curl and volume to mesh with the waves. Or, for a truly vintage Hollywood style, curl your bangs and pin them to the side, creating a beautiful 1920s look.


Final Thoughts: Trendy Wedding Hair Waves to Try for Your Big Day

From retro Jessica Rabbit-inspired curls to cascading classic Hollywood waves, there are tons of different styles of wedding hair waves that are truly perfect for your wedding day.

These beautifully timeless hairstyles will add a touch of glitz and glam to your wedding look, making it even more special.

You can use our hair extensions to get some extra length for your waves and make them look even more amazing.

Our clip-in extensions are super easy to use, pre-styled and totally heat-free, so you can save time getting ready on your wedding day.


How do I do glam wedding waves?

Our clip-in hair extensions are perfect for glam wedding waves! They're pre-styled, so you don't have to use heat on them at all! Plus, the clips mean all you really need to do is clip them in – saving you precious time on your wedding day.

How long do Hollywood waves last?

Provided you use hairspray or hair gel to keep your waves locked in place, your hairstyle should last you all day. If you're using a curling iron to create your waves, it's important to let your hair cool down before you start brushing it out, which helps your waves set.

How many days before your wedding should you get your hair done?

YGet your hair trimmed around 2 or 3 days before your wedding, and have any other treatments (like colouring or highlighting) done at least 1-2 weeks before the big day. That way, you have time if anything doesn't go the way you planned (God forbid!), and you can get it fixed before the wedding.

What type of hair extensions are best for wedding hair?

If you're after something temporary just for your wedding, clip-in extensions are a really good choice. Or, if you're looking for something to last you through to your honeymoon, tape-ins are a great option! You or your hairstylist can just pop them in, and they can be taken out at the end of the night.

Written by our hair extension expert

Nancy Pinder

Nancy Pinder is our resident hair and beauty specialist at RiRi Hair Extensions. She advises customers daily in our Lakeside and Bluewater stores, helping them find the perfect look, length, and shade of hair extensions. Nancy also presents our TikTok live to thousands of viewers across the world. You can catch her on our TikTok every week here: @ririhairextensions_uk.

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