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So, you’ve just bagged yourself a brand new set of clip-in hair extensions. But what do you do with them now? Well, our hair extension experts and stylists have pulled together their top hair extension tips on wearing and caring for your new set.

Whether you’re looking for styling hair extensions tips, or how to store your extensions, or how to achieve a seamless blend with your natural hair –  you’ll find all the advice and tricks to achieve your #hairgoals below.

Let’s get started!

1. Styling Your Hair Extensions

Because synthetic hair extensions can not take the regular heat styling that natural hair can, you'll want to consider what style will be the most realistic option for you.

If you have naturally curly hair, choosing a pre-curled clip-in hair extension piece can help match your everyday look without the extra effort. The same concept applies to straight-haired gals.

Hair extension hack: If you prefer to mix it up or want a new look for special occasions, taking advantage of packages and deals can help you start a collection of both straight and curly options.

2. Washing Your Hair Extensions

Even the best clip-in hair extensions will need proper care to stay in tip-top shape. Although synthetic hair doesn't have the pores that natural hair does, the extensions will still gather styling products, oils from your natural hair, and debris from the day as you wear them.

While you won't need to wash them after every single wear, using extension shampoo and conditioner on a weekly basis will ensure you never have unwanted textures or smells gathering on your strands.

Beyond your wash, using treatments specifically designed for hair extensions will ensure they never dry out or become brittle.

How to Wash Your Hair Extensions

Just like your natural hair, hair extensions need washing from time to time. 

This helps remove any build-up of oils and dirt from your hair and the environment and keeps the extensions looking their best. 

Step 1. Brush out your hair extensions. Just like washing your hair, the process is much easier if you remove any knots and tangles first. 

Step 2. Fill your bathroom sink with lukewarm water and shampoo. Hair extensions require special shampoo to preserve them, using regular shampoo will be too harsh and can damage your hair extensions. 

Step 3. Submerge your extensions in the water and shampoo mixture to clean them. If you use a lot of products on your extensions, you can gently massage them to remove any build-up. 

Step 4. Add hair extension conditioner to the water to condition the extensions and keep them soft, shiny, and supple. You can also use a hair extension mask to give them a significant moisture boost!

Step 5. Dry your hair extensions properly. The best way to dry your extensions is to let them air dry. Hang them up using a RiRi hanger to make sure they don’t develop any kinks or bends. You can speed up the process by squeezing out any excess moisture with a microfibre towel. Never rub the extensions!

3. How to Store Your Clip-in Hair Extensions

After a day of having luscious hair, you need to remove your clip-in hair extensions. If you've had a long day, it can be tempting to just throw them on your dresser and forget about them until next time.

Don't do this.

Looking after your hair extensions helps them last long and stay looking beautiful with minimal effort. The easiest way to maintain your extensions is to store them properly!

The extensions should be kept as flat and straight as possible to avoid kinks and tangles. Hanging them is the best solution for this. 

If you're travelling with your extensions or you want to protect them from dirt that may be in the air, a hair extensions bag is ideal!

After you're done wearing them, remove and hang them (check out the RiRi hanger combo!) or lie the extensions flat to store so they don't kink or bend in storage. Then they'll be ready to go next time you want to long hair in just a few minutes.

4. Applying Heat & Dying Hair Extensions

Applying heat and colour treatments to your hair extensions is something we've all wanted to do. 

But you can only do so much depending on the type of hair extensions you have.

Synthetic Hair Extensions

With synthetic hair, you shouldn't apply heat or dye to the strands. Because they're made from synthetic materials - plastic - if you apply heat to style them, the strands are likely to melt and fuse together.

Instead, choose synthetic extensions that most closely fit your natural hair or how you like to style your hair.

Again, because synthetic hair extensions are made from nylon and plastic, they can't absorb the pigment in hair dye and applying dye to the strands can ruin them.

Human Hair Extensions

Human hair extensions are different. 

Because they're made from real human hair, they can be styled using heat and dye treatments, but there are some rules!

When heat-styling your human hair extensions, make sure your appliances don't exceed 180 degrees

This will help avoid causing heat damage, which is difficult to undo on real hair extensions.

You should also make sure you're applying a heat-protectant product to the hair before you style it to keep it looking shiny and smooth!

Because real hair extensions are made from human hair, the hair shaft can absorb the pigments in hair dye. However, to get the best results, it's a good idea to let a professional hair stylist dye your extensions.

For an incredibly natural appearance, you can get them to dye your own hair at the same time!

5. Blending Your Clip-in Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are only going to give you your desired style if you put in the work to blend them into your own hair. If you have thick hair, this is easier than it is for girls with thin hair.

The first tip for blending your clip-in extensions is to make sure they match your hair. If you have multi-tonal hair, you'll need to get multiple sets of extensions in different shades to create a natural look.

Ultimately, the more wefts you use when applying clip-in hair extensions, the more blended and natural they'll look.

6. Positioning Your Hair Extensions

The way you position your hair extensions matters! 

It can be tempting to put them in as straight as possible, but this can create a very blunt look that isn't always what you want.

If you have layers in your natural hair, you should position your hair extensions at a slight angle, sloping downward toward the back of your head. 

This helps create a softer, more natural appearance and frames your face beautifully.

Installing Multiple Wefts

To create more volume in your hair, installing multiple wefts is the way to go! 

Our Summer Teale Beach Waves 3-Piece Clip-In Hair Extensions are perfect for this. These wefts are designed to be tiered rather than stacked to create a more voluminous look to your hair. 

Remember to always begin with the smallest weft closest to the nape of your neck and move up, increasing the weft size each time. 

The largest weft should be placed at the crown of your head to give a natural look. 

7. Colour Match for a Match Made in Heaven

The colour of your hair extensions will either make or break your new look. If you have several different tones in your hair, try to find a colour that falls in the midrange of your highlights. 

Choosing a colour that is too dark or too light will draw attention to the weft you've clipped in and take away from the natural appearance.

If you want to take the guesswork out of choosing your hair extensions, we off a FREE colour match service! All you have to do is send us a photo of your hair in natural lighting. 

Then, our in-house colour experts will match your hair to our range of hair extensions to ensure you get the best results the first time!

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How Do You Get Clip-ins to Stay in Place?

Getting your clip-in extensions to stay in place all day is crucial to keep them looking natural and effortless. No one wants to have to constantly adjust their extensions! Back-combing your roots before applying the extensions gives them something to grip onto and helps them stay in place. You can also use a bit of hair spray to help freeze them in place.

How Do You Keep Hair Extensions in Good Condition?

Maintaining your hair extensions is key to keeping them looking beautiful and natural! Use a hair extensions shampoo and conditioner, store them in a hanging bag when not in use, and avoid heat treatment or dye if you have synthetic clip-ins.

Can You Sleep With Clip-in Hair Extensions?

For the sake of your sanity, it's best not to sleep with clip-in hair extensions. While they can stay in place overnight, you'll likely find them knotted and fizzy in the morning. This leads to lots of extra work to get them looking beautiful again! Always remember to remove them before getting your beauty sleep.

Can You Use Hairspray on Clip-in Extensions?

Yes, it's possible to use hairspray on clip-in extensions, but keep it light! Use a light-hold hairspray and use it sparingly to keep textured waves and beach waves in place all day. You want to keep your extensions flowing and soft, not crunchy. A small amount of hairspray can also be useful to keep flyaways in check for a smooth low ponytail or Dutch braids.

How Long Do Clip-in Extensions Last?

Clip-in hair extensions can last between 4 - 7 months with everyday use and styling or over a year with infrequent use and proper care. The lifespan of your clip-in extensions can also depend on the type of hair used. Human hair extensions can usually last longer than synthetic options, for example.

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