5 Tips and Tricks for Clip-In Hair Extensions

A recent survey revealed that a woman's confidence is greatly impacted by her stylish strands. In fact, 81% of women feel the most confident when they are having a 'good hair day'.

The definition of a good hair day is different for all of us, however, an overwhelming amount of the female population lusts after luscious and long locks as their ultimate hair goal.

Unfortunately, thin and brittle hair, frequent breakage, and even ultra-slow growth can all put a damper on that mermaid dream. So how can you achieve that lusty look in seconds? Enter clip-in hair extensions.

Ready to clip-in your way to a beautiful head of hair? Follow along to discover five tips and tricks for how to use clip-in hair extensions and where to buy the best clip-in hair extensions for your needs.

1. Shop Material

Before you run out and purchase your first set of clip-in hair extensions you can find, familiarise yourself with the different materials on the market.

Most of the clip-in hair extensions you'll find online use synthetic hair to add length and volume. These options are usually made from some variant of plastic and are designed to blend right into your natural hair.

The downside to a synthetic hair extension is that the strands don't behave in the same way as your natural hair. This means that you may not be able to apply heat treatments to the extensions like you would with your own hair.

The perk, however, is that these extensions are often quite affordable and can act as a great introduction to clip-in hair if you aren't quite sure the style is for you.

The other material available is known as 'Remy human hair'. These clip-in extensions are 100% natural human hair and can be styled, washed, and cared for just like your own hair.

The human hair extensions often look more natural and can last a lot longer. The price tag however does reflect this increase in quality and serves as more of an investment to your long, luscious style.

2. Consider Style

Because synthetic hair extensions can not take the regular heat styling that natural hair can, you'll want to consider what style will be the most realistic option for you.

If you have naturally curly hair, choosing a pre-curled clip-in hair extension piece can help match your everyday look without the extra effort. The same concept applies to straight-haired gals.

If you prefer to mix it up or want a new look for special occasions, taking advantage of packages and deals can help you start a collection of both straight and curly options.

3. Choose the Perfect Match

The colour of your hair extensions will either make or break your new look. If you have several different tones in your hair try to find a colour that falls in the midrange of your highlights. Choosing a colour that is too dark or too light will draw attention to the weft you've clipped in and take away from the natural appearance.

For ladies with darker hair underneath and lighter hair on top, you'll want to opt for the darker tone or just slightly lighter than the darkest point. To achieve the most natural look, apply the clip-ins to the area where the colour begins to change.

One of the benefits of clip-in hair extensions is that they are fully adjustable, so take the time to play around with placement, try out different colours, or even double up on your wefts to add volume and dimension to your locks.

4. Hair Extension Care

Even the best clip-in hair extensions will need proper care to stay in tip-top shape. Although synthetic hair doesn't have the pores that natural hair does, the extensions will still gather styling products, oils from your natural hair, and debris from the day as you wear them.

While you won't need to wash them after every single wear, using extension shampoo and conditioner on a weekly basis will ensure you never have unwanted textures or smells gathering on your strands.

Beyond your wash, using treatments specifically designed for hair extensions will ensure they never dry out or become brittle.

5. How To Wear Clip-In Hair Extensions

Now that you've chosen the perfect material, style, colour, and care routine, you're ready to apply your beautiful new wefts.


Before you clip, ensure your hair is fully dry and tangle-free. If you are using synthetic clip-ins, it's best to complete any heat styling before application.

Once your natural hair is ready to roll, part your hair horizontally and pin up the top part with a clip or tie. If you are using multiple wefts, you'll repeat this parting process, applying the bottom layer first, then moving up and reporting at a higher point.

For a single-weft piece, part just above the ear to get the most range around either side of your head. If your hair is quite fine or soft, you may benefit from teasing and spraying the area where your clips will sit. This will prevent any slipping.

You'll now hold the weft up to the hair and secure either end by clipping as close to the part as possible. Secure the remaining clips and let the top hair back down. Brush or finger brush the strands to blend your natural hair and the extensions together.

After your wear, remove and hang (check out the RiRi hanger combo!) or lie the extensions flat to store so they don't kink or bend in storage.

The Best Clip-In Hair Extensions

Now that you know how to use clip-in extensions and what to look for, you can set out to choose the extensions available. From curly bleach blonde to straight warm chestnut, we're confident you'll be smashing your long and luscious goals with the benefits of clip-in hair extensions.

Want to know where to buy clip-in hair extensions that will last? Shop our selection of high-quality clip-ins and discover the true meaning of a good hair day.

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